All of us need grace and forgiveness. In Mary’s stories, the characters are flawed and in need of grace, forgiveness, and second chances, too.

The Restored Series:

Ocean of Regret, Sea of Rescue, Bay of Refuge, Tide of Resolve, Waves of Reason, Port of Return

This series is suspenseful, captivating, and enduring! Judah’s love for Paisley kept me turning the page. I couldn’t put it down!

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The Second Chance Series:

Winter’s Past, April’s Storm, Summer’s Dream, Autumn’s Break, Season’s Flame

I have read them all; they can stand alone, but you appreciate the characters more if you know who and what they have been through to begin again.

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A couple who are reconciling.

Even in the best of marriages, life’s storms and struggles can wreak havoc on a relationship. If you find yourself needing a time of reconciliation or restoration in your marriage, these three tips might help you navigate the journey together:

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Second chances change our story.