Here are some of the fun characters:

Shem Michaels loves youth theater! He hopes to attend Juilliard and perform on Broadway someday. He attends Green Bluff Creative Academy, a little north of Spokane, Washington, where he gets to try out for two plays a year. His family owns an apple orchard. So when he’s not studying his lines for a play or doing homework, he’s working in the orchard with his family. He has a one-year-younger-than-him sister, Cammie. They get along most of the time. She chatters a lot, which drives him nuts. But they both love theater, and they enjoy playing Monopoly and other board games together. The one person he has trouble getting along with is TJ Fortine.

Debz Elijah is crazy about youth theater! Ever since kindergarten, she’s been in love with dressing up in costumes and pretending she was someone else. That’s how she and Shem met. When they first showed up in Mrs. Ripple’s class, they found some costumes and quickly dressed up. She chose to be Queen Elizabeth, although she had some trouble keeping the crown on her head. Shem put on an Elvis wig and sang “Hound Dog” real loud. Debz enjoys her role as Queen Dalynn, reminiscent of her days as the Queen of England in kindergarten. “It’s fun getting together and having lots of friends in drama class!”

TJ Fortine is sure he’s the best actor in Green Bluff Academy’s theater class. Although Shem keeps trying to outdo him, he’ll never be a primary lead as long as TJ’s around. But, things have been pretty rough for TJ lately. His mom died. His dad’s in prison. Now, TJ lives with his grandparents. And he hasn’t been too nice to them, either. In fact, he’s pretty grouchy to everyone at home and at school. Especially Shem Michaels. Of course, things start to change when he accidentally falls into a . . . well, you’ll have to read about that in Stage Wars.

Claire Moss loves to read and write medieval stories. Mrs. Dragoon, the theater director, is allowing Claire to audit theater class to help with a special writing project. Claire is so excited to watch the actors, even though she doesn’t want to be an actor herself. The thrill of a medieval story pulls her right in and she starts typing on her laptop. Later, when she goes on an adventure on Time Spinner, her dreams come true when she gets to see the 11th century for real!!

Philly Davidson likes theater and sports equally. When their drama class gets to learn about sword fighting, it’s one of the best days of his life! But he’s so eager to grab the sword, he almost gets into trouble with Mrs. Dragoon and loses his chance to practice. Philly has a habit of playing around too roughly sometimes, so he has to work on self-control. His best friends are Shem and TJ, but TJ is a little too grumpy to be around sometimes.

Cammie Michaels loves the word fabulous! Theater is fabulous. Being at school with friends is fabulous. Getting to play the jester in Island of Shalamar is fabulous. One of her favorite things to do is play games with her brother, Shem. Sometimes she even wins! That is truly fabulous. Being the jester is a barrel of laughs. She can’t wait to perform in front of a live audience.

“I am Mrs. Dragoon. No, not ‘Dragon.’ Dragoon. I’ve directed 25 youth theater productions. I have a special wall in my office where the cast pictures from all 25 shows are displayed. It’s my ‘wall of fame.’ I love watching actors become the characters. Did I say, I love Youth Theater? Now, don’t be late for class!”

These actors need to stop messing around with the G-60. An accident could happen!”

Professor Plunkmeyer is the science teacher at Green Bluff Creative Academy. And he may be working on a secret invention that he doesn’t want anyone to know about. 😉