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Mary E Hanks Inspiring Hope

Second Chance Series
Winter's Past (Book 1)
Winter's Past (Second Chance Book 1) A story of marriage restoration.
Can she forgive the man she hasn't been able to forget?
Ty Williams regrets what he did ten years ago that destroyed his marriage. But today, he’s so thankful to God for redeeming and changing his life. Now, if only Winter, his ex-wife, could forgive him too. He doesn't deserve a second chance with her, but that's the very thing he's praying for.
Winter never wanted to see Ty Williams again. But when her speaking engagement lands her in Coeur d'Alene, Idahoa city she's avoided for ten yearswhat can she do? It seems as if she has two choices. Hide the truth. Or face their troubled past.
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April's Storm (Book 2)
April's Storm (Second Chance Book 2) A story of marriage restoration. A storm is brewing in the parsonage!

April Gray dreams of having children and a great marriage. But Chad, her husband of nearly two years, is hyper-focused on his ministry as a pastor in Ketchikan, Alaska. He believes he should be on call, available to his congregation, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Something April strongly disagrees with. She begs him to take time off. To go away with her so they can reconnect. But he has sermons to prepare. People to visit. He's busy, and he expects her to understand.

And she tries. But when a female parishioner gets too close and clingy with Chad, April thinks the worst, and a battle line is drawn. Things must change!

What will it take for them to get through their marital storms, and to rediscover the love that brought them together in the first place?

"Good fiction distilled from real life - a book well worth reading!" ~Kathy Vancil, missionary pastor's wife

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Summer's Dream (Book 3)
Summer's Dream (Second Chance Book 2) A story of marriage restoration.
Can broken hearts ever mend?
Summer dreamed of becoming an artist and painting natural beauty on canvas. But everything changed when she married Joshua Hart, a man carrying a powerful dream of his own. After too many arguments, one night, he stormed out of their marriage to pursue a life as a musician, leaving her alone and
unbeknown to himpregnant.

Five years later, Summer is raising her daughter and managing the family's camp and retreat center
doing fine on her own. But her world turns upside down the day her "almost" ex-husband returns. Only this Joshua Hart is far different from the man she married five years ago. He's humble, kind and tender, and he even professes to know God. Can she trust him? Should she?

Josh has done a lot of stupid things in his life. Leaving his wife for a five-year road trip was one of his worst decisions. After living a lifetime of regrets, he heads home to try to make amends with his family. However, he's shocked beyond belief to find a four-year-old blue-eyed darling who calls him "Daddy" living at Hart's Camp. Not to mention the jaw-dropping attraction he still feels for Summer Day! Can he make things right with his wife and daughter? Or is it too late?

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Autumn's Break (Book 4)

Autumn's Break (Second Chance Book 4) A story of marriage restoration.
Autumn Bevere longs for "happily ever after,” but when Gar goes through a mid-life crisis at the same time she's dealing with the heartbreak of infertility, their marriage begins to unravel. Overcome with grief, and in need of a distraction, she submerges herself in learning how to make killer fudge and in directing a high school play. A friend challenges her to face her marital woes as if she were fighting a spiritual battle. But will that be enough to bring her husband home?
After losing his job, and harboring guilt over something that should never have happened, Gar decides he needs to take some time by himself. Canoeing, thinking, and working in his cousin's mechanics shop in Idaho might help him work through his struggles. Or, will an extended break drive a bigger wedge between him and his wife?

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Season's Flame (Book 5)

Season's Flame (Second Chance, Book 5) A story of marriage restoration. What if the flame goes out?

Max Prescott planned to serve in ministry for the rest of his life. But when most of his congregation leaves, the church faces foreclosure, and he’s forced to resign, he hits a low point he never thought possible. Overnight, he loses everything. Plunged into despair, he fears he’ll never pastor again. And he keeps his feelings from the one person who might have understood him best—his wife.

When Season hears about a marriage conference at Hart’s Camp, she begs Max to attend, but he refuses. Sick of the conflicts, tired of his mood swings, and ready to embrace change, she attends the marriage conference by herself! There, she hikes wintry trails, lights a flame to represent her and Max’s romance, and hears amazing ideas about reconciliation. But something is missing. Max should be attending with her. How can she commit to renewing her efforts in their marriage when her husband won’t even try?

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