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Second changes change our story.
Restored Series

Ocean of Regret (Book 1)

Ocean of Regret (Restored 1)
She's a prodigal daughter and a prodigal wife.

Paisley Grant returns to her hometown on the Oregon Coast with three goals in mind--face her past, make amends, and learn to breathe again. Not too difficult. Or harder than anything she's ever done.

Nothing can atone for her three years away.
Or for what happened before she left.

What if she comes back to a father who doesn't open his arms to her?

To a husband who does.

But their troubled past still churns between them.

As determined as Paisley is to make amends, her plans don’t include getting back together with Judah.

Yet, when hurricane winds hit the coastal town, and she faces her greatest fear, will she cling to her plans and live with regret …

... or let them go to find love again?

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Second Chance Series
Winter's Past (Book 1)

Winter's Past (Second Chance Book 1) A story of marriage restoration.
Ty would give anything for a chance to make things right.

Ten years ago, he made some bad choices that wrecked his life, hurt his wife, and ruined their future together. But since then, his heart has changed. He's tried to become a more honorable man. A trustworthy man a woman like Winter could count on. And he’s never forgotten her.

Is a second chance possible for them?
Not if Winter has anything to say about it.

She manages her past by hiding it. Avoids Coeur d’Alene like the flu. When a last-minute speaking engagement becomes available in Ty’s hometown, she digs in her heels.

What if he shows up at the conference?
What if she can’t handle seeing him again?

She talks about God’s ability to radically change people’s lives, but when an honest-to-goodness transformed man—not to mention, a very handsome one—stands right in front of her, will she believe what she sees?

Or what she can’t forget?

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April's Storm (Book 2)

April's Storm (Second Chance Book 2) A story of marriage restoration.

Sometimes doing what's right ... turns out wrong.

Even for a pastor.

April has become suspicious of her husband’s 24/7 devotion to his congregation. The late-night phone calls. Long absences. Unexplained meetings.

Is Chad staying away from her on purpose?
Has he fallen out of love?

Her dreams of forever seem to be crumbling. She’s lonely. Imagining what he’s doing. Who he might be with.

And she wonders …
… If I leave will he even notice?

Chad’s growing congregation requires his constant attention. Being devoted to the community is the only pastoral route he knows—the example his father set. But he’s also aware of how he’d counsel a couple going through a marriage crisis.

Which makes him take another look.

Have I neglected my own wife?

What can a pastor do when he’s the one in need of help?

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Summer's Dream (Book 3)

Summer's Dream (Second Chance Book 2) A story of marriage restoration.
Josh left to follow his dream.

He came back to follow his heart.

He’s made some bad choices. Leaving his wife for a five-year road trip as a musician was his worst decision ever. And now, making amends may prove harder than he imagined.

But when he sees her again …

… feels the heart-stopping attraction between them,
… how can he convince her that he’s sincere?

Summer’s been busy raising their daughter.

She runs the family business. Oversees a crew. Helps Josh’s ailing aunt and uncle. Has been doing just fine on her own without a man.

But Shua wants to meet her father.

How can Summer get beyond the hurts of their past? Josh professes to know God. Says he’s a changed man.

But he left once. Can she trust him to stay? Should she?

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Autumn's Break (Book 4)

Autumn's Break (Second Chance Book 4) A story of marriage restoration.
Autumn becomes a prayer warrior …

… for her husband’s return,
… for their marriage to be restored.

She’s been stuck on a merry-go-round of grief over not being able to have children and of hurt feelings toward Gar. Even so, she would never choose for him to leave.

He’s churning in midlife angst.
Overreacting to everything.

He’s sick of fertility testing. Outraged about getting fired. Consumed with guilt over things that shouldn’t have happened. When problems escalate between him and Autumn, he packs his bag. Another overreaction?

In his absence …
… new challenges inspire her.

Change her.

Yet, she still wants things to work out between them. When a friend encourages her to pray for her marriage like she’s in a battle, she does. But will that be enough to bring Gar home?

And if he returns …

… what then?

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Season's Flame (Book 5)

Season's Flame (Second Chance, Book 5) A story of marriage restoration. Max thought he had it all.

Pulpit ministry, thriving church, happy marriage.

Until he gets a rude wake-up call.

When church attendance falls, the building goes into foreclosure, and the town gossips fabricate stories about him, he hits rock bottom—a place a pastor doesn’t want to be.

He even hides his despair …

from his wife.

Or so he thinks.

Sick of conflicts, tired of Max’s mood swings, when Season hears about a winter marriage conference, she signs them up. This is their chance to reconnect. Maybe to fall in love again. Is that too much for her to hope for?

She’s determined to go to the retreat …

… even if Max refuses.

But how can she commit to renewing her efforts in their relationship …

when her husband won’t even try?

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