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Second changes change our story.

Second Chance Series
Winter's Past (Book 1)

Winter's Past (Second Chance Book 1) A story of marriage restoration.

Ty knows he doesn’t deserve a second chance, but that’s the very thing he’s hoping for.

Ten years ago, Ty Williams made some terrible decisions that cost him his marriage and his life as he knew it. Today, while he has regrets about his past, he’s thankful for the hope and redemption he’s found in God’s love. If only he could apologize to Winter, his ex-wife, he could move on with his life. Or, maybe, just maybe, she might find it in her heart to forgive him. Then anything could happen.

Winter Cowan manages her past by ignoring it. A decade after her crushing breakup with Ty, she has a new calling in her life, is focused on helping others, and has kept her short, disastrous marriage a secret. But when the ministry team she travels with has a scheduling change, and she finds herself speaking at a conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho—Ty’s hometown—her past might not be able to remain in the past any longer.

Especially when Ty shows up with a request. How could he ask such a thing?

“The subject of divorce and a failed marriage was approached with grit and reality.” Cindy

“‘Winter's Past’ is a beautiful story of love and 2nd chances. The characters were so endearing and real in the struggles they faced.” LetsRead

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April's Storm (Book 2)

April's Storm (Second Chance Book 2) A story of marriage restoration.

Will their marriage crisis be the end of his ministry?

Chad Gray thought marriage would help his ministry and his life run smoother. But ever since his wedding a year and a half ago, the parsonage has been in an uproar, April and his women’s ministry leader are constantly at odds, and his wife blames him for “choosing” not to spend time with her. Why can’t she understand the stress he’s under as a pastor of a growing church? Can their marriage survive the turmoil? Can his ministry?

April is doing everything she can to be the pastor’s wife Chad expects her to be. But she wants him to prioritize her as his wife too—which he seems incapable of doing. Married but lonely, weary of the growing distance in their marriage, and suspicious of his “always available” attitude toward a recently separated woman, April determines to get to the cause of their crumbling relationship.

Even if that means leaving. But if she does, will her husband slow down long enough to notice?

“I cried for the young couple as they gave up and gave in to outside demands. Then I cheered for them as they fought with all they had to save their marriage.” Mom of 8

"Good fiction distilled from real life - a book well worth reading!" ~Kathy Vancil, missionary pastor's wife

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Summer's Dream (Book 3)

Summer's Dream (Second Chance Book 2) A story of marriage restoration.

Can he make things right with his wife and daughter?

Josh Hart has done a lot of stupid things in his life. Leaving his wife for a five-year road trip was one of his worst decisions. After living a lifetime of regrets, then finding redemption through God’s love, he heads home to make amends with his family. However, he's stunned to discover a four-year-old blue-eyed darling who calls him “Daddy” living at Hart's Camp. Not to mention the jaw-dropping attraction he still feels for Summer Day. How can he make things right with these two ladies who mean the world to him?

Five years after Josh left to follow his dream as a musician—leaving her, unbeknown to him, pregnant—Summer Hart is raising her daughter, managing the family's camp and retreat center, and doing just fine on her own. But the day her lowdown "almost" ex-husband returns, her world flip-flops. This Joshua is far different from the man who left her. He's humble, helpful, polite, and he even professes to know God.

Can she trust him? Should she?

“A story of broken dreams, lost love, and a family torn apart. BUT, the story does not end there because God is the God of second chances.” Katherine Pasour

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Autumn's Break (Book 4)

Autumn's Break (Second Chance Book 4) A story of marriage restoration.

Can their marriage survive?

When Gar goes through a midlife crisis at the same time Autumn is dealing with the heartbreak of infertility, their marriage unravels. She withdraws into her hurt. He spends more time away from home. Guilt over something that should never have happened makes him feel even more isolated from her. Then, after a quarrel with his boss leaves him unemployed, Gar packs his bag, determined that he needs time away from his wife, and his life, to ponder his choices and his future.

Autumn would never have chosen to take a break from her husband. But in his absence, she’s faced with challenges that inspire her to do things she never thought possible. Making fudge, working with the homeless, and subbing as the drama teacher redirects her thoughts from mourning her inability to have children to seeing new and exciting opportunities in her life.

A friend coaches her to pray for her marriage like she’s facing a battle. But will that be enough to bring Gar home?

“A touching story of love and its impact on two hurting hearts.” Paula McGrew

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Season's Flame (Book 5)

Season's Flame (Second Chance, Book 5) A story of marriage restoration. What if the flame goes out?

Max Prescott planned to serve as a pastor in Darby, Montana, for the rest of his life. But when church attendance drops from two hundred to fifteen, and the building goes into foreclosure, he hits a low point he never thought possible. He fears he’ll never pastor again, and he keeps his feelings from the one person who might have understood him best—his wife.

When Season hears about a marriage conference at Hart’s Camp, she begs Max to attend, but he refuses. Sick of the conflicts, tired of his mood swings, and ready to embrace change in their marriage, she attends the conference by herself! There, she lights a flame to represent her and Max’s romance, and she hears amazing ideas about reconciliation. But something is missing. Max should be at the retreat with her.

How can she commit to renewing her efforts in their marriage when her husband won’t even try?

“Hanks has written another heartwarming novel in this fifth book in the Second Chance Series. Who ever heard of a wife going to a marriage retreat…..alone?” Dixie Judy

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