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When we look back on the story of our lives, certain things stand out above every other remembrance, sort of like how the brightest stars in the sky capture our attention with their brilliance. Here are a few of those moments in my life.

When I was thirteen, I was searching for something to make sense in my life. My family had been through a divorce, an abrupt move to an Alaskan town far from the familiar, a remarriage, and I felt alone and insecure. One of my brothers had just returned from serving in Vietnam, and he had given his life to Jesus. The change in him was beyond remarkable, and when he began sharing Jesus with me, I hungrily accepted Him into my life. That spring day I became a brand new person and that decision changed the course of life for me.

Jason and I attended the same high school, but we didn't know each other very well until we met at church in Ketchikan, Alaska. We dated while I was in school, and then we married and took off for Bible College, eager to follow God in whatever ministry He might have for us.

Later, Jason pastored a small church in Petersburg, Alaska, and while we were there we started a Christian School. We loved working with young people, and it was in that small fishing community that we began doing the theatrical productions that I would continue writing and producing for many years.

My life has been blessed with four amazing children--three sons and a daughter. The greatest desire of my heart, from the time I was a child myself, was to be a mom. The joy I've experienced watching my kids grow into fine adults and sharing in their lives has been priceless. They are perfectly wonderful shining stars in my life and I'm thankful for them every day!

For eighteen years, I had the privilege of working in Christian Education in three different states. Teaching and influencing kids for God's kingdom has been a great joy in my life. Directing students in dramatic performances, watching them grow in character and confidence, and seeing my words come to life onstage has been a phenomenal blessing.

When Jason and I left Alaska, one of the things we missed was getting out in the woods and living close to nature.  We longed to have our own land. Now I can say, that dream has been fulfilled.  We currently live on ten acres of land near Blanchard, Idaho, where we hike through our own woods, climb our mountain, watch deer and moose--and the funniest turkeys--parade through our yard. And we enjoy gardening! Together, we're having an amazing adventure right in our own backyard.

These are a few
of the highlights of my life--Jesus, my husband, my precious kids, and my journey--and I give God all the praise.

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Mary and Jason Hanks
Mary and Jason

Christmas fun at the Hanks house.
Christmas fun at the Hanks's house.

Mary E Hanks, author and playwright

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