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Stage Wars (Youth Theater Adventures Book 1)
Ages 10+
Stage Wars (Youth Theater Adventures Book 1)

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I love Youth Theater!
Stage Wars combines my love for the stage with my love for adventure and history. Also, my husband, Jason, drew the chapter pictures. We had such fun working on this project together!


Shem Michaels knew it was a bad idea to sword fight with TJ Fortine, his onstage nemesis. TJ clanged his sword repeatedly against Shem's. Shem barely had time to parry. He backed up, tripped. Then suddenly, they were falling across yellow warning tape, their bodies crashing through the stage's broken trap door.

Freefalling terror. Screams. Then, THUD.

Blue lights pulsed overhead. Then, everything went pitch dark. Whatever they'd landed in began twirling like a revved up merry-go-round. When the spinning stopped, Shem gawked at the miniature computer screen in the golf-cart-like contraption.

York, England, 1068?

Oh, no. Had they fallen into a time machine? If so, Shem was lost in a medieval world with the one person on the planet he didn't get along with—TJ Fortine!

Can Shem and TJ survive?

Perhaps, find a way to become friends?

A story about Youth Theater, time travel, friendship, and faith.


Stage Wars
has proven to be an exciting, highly entertaining adventure for children and, surprisingly, enough, for adults as well! Before giving copies to our grandchildren, my husband and I read with delight the escapades of Shem, TJ, and their cast of lively characters. Along with them, we got swept away by the Time Spinner, traveling back into history...meeting new people facing the joys and struggles of their lot in life in 1068.

Mary E Hanks' vivid imagination has brought to life believable, colorful characters that make "Time Travel" seem even plausible! All of us are looking forward to more harrowing escapades of Shem and friends in the next sequel Stage Woes. We won't miss it.....neither should you!

Jack and Sue Kidd

Author and playwright, Mary E. Hanks, has written a fun, entertaining story filled with pulse-pounding suspense and harrowing experiences that will captivate any child's imagination. As a mother of two boys who delight in sword fighting, medieval times and role playing, I know kids will enjoy reading Stage Wars as the main characters embark on a time travel adventure unlike anything they've ever experienced. In the course of rehearsing for a school play, Shem, TJ and Claire find themselves aboard the Time Spinner, Professor Plunkmeyer’s brain child. Deposited in England in 1068 during the reign of King William the Conqueror when sword-wielding warriors and dungeons were the norm, can foes become friends and work together to find their way home again?

Stage right. Stage left. Offstage. Onstage. Houselights and intermission. For any youngster who enjoys theater and play acting, and feels a call to Broadway, this book is a great choice. Theatrical and captivating, Stage Wars is sure to make a bookworm out of even the most reluctant reader. If your child has an adventurous spirit and loves history and play-acting, then this is the book to read. Run to the bookstore and pick up a copy – and don’t be late! And don’t let Mrs. Dragoon catch you without your costume on!

Paula Lynn McGrew
Author of My Heart Beats for You
and Poodles at Play

"I loved it! I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure." Peyton

"I wanted the book to keep going on forever!" Claire

Mary at her first book signing.
Mary at her first book signing.
A picture from Stage Wars, illustrated by Jason Hanks
A chapter picture from Stage Wars by Jason Hanks.
Two other authors at the book signing
  Local authors at the book signing at SOWER in Coeur d'Alene.

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