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Mary E Hanks Inspiring Hope

Youth Book
s & Two Act Plays

STAGE WARS (Youth Theater Adventures Book 1)

Join Shem Michaels and TJ Fortine on an amazing medieval adventure!

Ages 10+
(Main characters are 7th and 8th graders.)

Stage Wars (Youth Theater Adventures, Bk 1)

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Check out the fun characters:

Shem Michaels knew it was a bad idea to sword fight with TJ Fortine, his onstage nemesis. TJ clanged his theatrical sword against Shem’s as if it were a real sword, and they were in a real battle. Shem barely had time to parry. He backed up, tripped. Then, they were both falling across the yellow warning tape Mrs. Dragoon had told them to stay away from. Scrambling to avoid the stage’s broken trap door, Shem tried to break free. But the boards gave way.

Suddenly, he was freefalling.
Yelling, “Heeeeelp!”

Then, THUD.

Blue lights pulsed around them. Whatever they’d landed in twirled like a revved-up merry-go-round. When the spinning stopped, Shem stared at the miniature computer screen in the golf-cart-like contraption. What?

York, England, 1068?

How could this have happened? Had they fallen into a time machine? If so, Shem was lost in a medieval world with the one person on the planet he didn’t get along with—TJ Fortine!

Can Shem and TJ survive? Perhaps, find a way to become friends.

A story about the love of youth theater. The excitement of traveling into history. The need we all have for friendship. And faith that God is with us wherever we go.

This is a 2017 revised edition.

An exciting, highly entertaining adventure for children and, surprisingly, enough, for adults as well! Before giving copies to our grandchildren, my husband and I read with delight the escapades of Shem, TJ, and their cast of lively characters. Along with them, we got swept away by the Time Spinner, traveling back into history ... meeting new people facing the joys and struggles of their lot in life in 1068. ~Jack & Sue Kidd

Every school should have a theater program!

Give your students a chance to use their gifts and talents
and shine!

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