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Winter's Past (2nd Chance Series Book 1)

Winter's Past, a story of second chances, by Mary E Hanks

Ty blew it ten years ago. He regrets what happened, but he thanks God every day for radically changing his life. Now, he has one goal on his heart--to make things right with Winter, his ex-wife. He knows he doesn't deserve a chance with her, but that's the very thing he's praying for.

Winter didn't plan on seeing Ty Williams ever again. But when she speaks at a conference in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, a city she's avoided for the last ten years, and Ty shows up, she must face two things. Her past. And the fact she hasn't forgiven him. Only now, he's humble, broken, genuinely sorry, and, much to her displeasure, still wildly handsome! Can she forgive him? Can she let God heal her heart and have His way in her life?
"Winter's Past will leave you feeling warm and assured of God's unfailing love for His children, even when we need a 'second' chance at love and life."
Katherine Pasour
Author of Sheltered by an Angel's Wings

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Chapter 1

Review by Paula McGrew

Review by Marylyn Cork

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April's Storm (2nd Chance Series Book 2)

April's Storm (2nd Chance Series Book 2)

April Gray is fed up with lectures on how to become the perfect pastor's wife, and her husband's around-the-clock vigilance to the church is driving her crazy. Has he fallen out of love with her? Is he having an affair? After months of parsonage warfare, April is sure there's only one thing left to do—leave!

Being a pastor means everything to Chad; he thought April knew that when he married her. Why can't she see he's doing the work of ten men? He doesn't have time for romance when he barely has time to eat.

As a last ditch attempt to rescue their marriage, April and Chad attend a seminar where Ty and Winter Williams, second-time-around newly-weds, are sharing their journey of forgiveness and second chances. Reconciliation sounds fine to Chad, but what price will he have to pay?

“Mary Hanks' April's Storm punched me in the stomach, made me cheer, and resonated deeply with the decisions, growth and challenges people in ministry face each day. Good fiction distilled from real life – a book well worth reading!”
Kathy Vancil, missionary pastor's wife
Priest Lake Community Church, Priest Lake, Idaho

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Chapter 1

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Summer's Dream (2nd Chance Series Book 3)

Summer's Dream (2nd Chance Series Book 3)

Sometimes the world has to come to a stop while you make things right.

Summer dreamed of becoming an artist and painting natural beauty on canvas. But all that changed when she married Joshua Hart, a man carrying a powerful dream of his own. With a temper to match his wild-boy good looks, he stormed out of their marriage to pursue a life as a musician, leaving her alone and, unbeknown to him, pregnant.

Five years later, Summer is busy raising her daughter and managing the family’s camp and retreat center in the woods of Eastern Washington. With her artistic dreams all but forgotten, her world turns upside down the day Josh shows up with an offer to help her get the camp ready—and plans for divorce.

Only Josh didn’t expect to find a blue-eyed darling who calls him “Daddy” living at Hart’s Camp. Not to mention his surprise over the attraction he still feels for Summer Day. Can he make amends for the past? Or is it too late?

Ty and Winter Williams, marriage-retreat speakers, share their heartwarming story of second chances and Summer and Josh must face the choices they’ve made. Is God’s grace enough to carry them through the divorce? Or can He change their hearts and help them find their way back to love?

“We see firsthand that God not only heals sick marriages, but can raise dead ones.” Joy Calkins
, Pastor's wife

"Rich on multiple levels, their inspiring story weaves God's forgiveness with redemption and reconciliation to produce a beautiful tapestry of lives rebuilt, love renewed and trust restored."
Paula McGrew, Author of My Heart Beats for You

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Chapter 1

Review at DixieGran. HERE

Summer's Dream
is available in Paperback & Kindle:

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Summer's Dream
is available on Nook:

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Autumn's Break (2nd Chance Series Book 4)

Autumn's Break (Second Chance Book 4)

Gar Bevere loves his job as a high school English and Drama teacher, but things get ugly when funding for his prestigious arts program is cut. He didn’t mean to grab the principal by the collar—or punch him in the nose—but in the heat of the moment, he did. Now he’s jobless. And his replacement is . . . his own wife! Feeling betrayed—and churning with guilt—he decides what he and Autumn need is a break. A long one.

Autumn never pictured her marriage ending. But when her husband goes through a mid-life crisis at the same time she’s dealing with the disappointment of infertility, her happily-ever-after spirals toward disaster. Gar leaves, and she buries her grief in learning to make killer fudge, her new teaching career, and in carrying his responsibilities—including his reinstated theater program. A friend challenges her to face her marital troubles as if she were fighting a spiritual battle, and when she does, things begin to change, but not necessarily in the way Autumn imagined.

Ty and Winter Williams, marriage-retreat speakers, face the battle of their lives when their nemesis, Randi Simmons, shows up at a conference bent on revenge.

Autumn's Break is available on Kindle here:

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Season's Joy (Book 5) Coming in 2017

Mary E Hanks, author and playwright

To Winter, with Love ~ Romantic Letters between Ty & Winter
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