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I love toying with what-ifs and making new ideas work onstage--or in the storyline of a book.

As a child I lived to pretend. Everywhere I went I imagined I was a mom with children in tow. The ordinary became extraordinary in my mind because of the million ways I could embellish life.

My mom gave me a typewriter for Christmas when I was 13, and immediately I began writing a novel. Like many first attempts, I never finished that project. However, a couple years later, I started writing skits for youth services, and down the road, I wrote and directed Christmas plays.

As a young adult, I took a writer's course from the Institute of Children's Literature and was enthused over my handful of published stories.

Inspirational romances were my favorite genre to read, and I was certain I could write them too. I enjoyed getting to know characters in a longer work, and I found a special connection with making lives richer through my imagination.

The stories and pretending came easy, but when I mailed out those first proposals, I discovered I didn't handle rejection so well. Soon my manuscripts were buried in cardboard boxes, along with my dreams of publication.

Over the years I continued writing plays. I fell deeply in love with the pageantry and beauty of the stage. There's nothing like hearing the words I've imagined come to life as actors live in the story. It's like a miracle. I close my eyes and just listen. So far, I've been blessed to have written and directed over 20 full-stage productions.

A few years ago, I began rewriting Winter's Past, a story of 2nd chances. Winter's and Ty's story blossomed and changed, deepening into a heartfelt, inspirational journey. The day I held my first published book in my hands was amazing. A dream come true!

I love Youth Theater and I worked in Christian education for many years, so I wanted to write a book about students who love theater. I added in medieval time travel, friendship dilemmas, and production experiences, and Stage Wars was born. It's written with middle-school kids in mind, but adults seem to like it too.

And the writing journey continues. At heart, I'm a storyteller, fascinated by what-ifs and drawn to lively, quirky characters whose stories must be told.

Characters in a play

Characters from Trouble Junction, a two-act play by Mary E Hanks

Mary E Hanks, author and playwrightstoryteller

To Winter, with Love ~ Romantic Letters between Ty & Winter
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