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A Christmas Calamity -- A Christmas 2-Act Play

A Christmas Calamity: "Christmas is for joy and love, not calamity.  But that is exactly what the Fosters have happen to them this Christmas Season. Will they lose their home, their business, or will they find another way to resolve and overcome this tragedy?" Susie P

The Baron's Daughter, a Two-Act Play by Mary E Hanks

"The Baron's Daughter is a play about mystery, a villain, values, honesty, relationships, romance, and laughter. Visit the West and see how life is lived out on the Ranch, and how one Baron's Daughter can turn everyone's head and thoughts to what is right and just." Susie P

Being part of The Barons' Daughter was a great experience. The story transports you to a time of struggles and adventures with cowboys, romance, and an underlying positive theme that sums it all up in the end. Being involved in such a story was an honor. Travis B.

Island of Shalamar, a medieval Two-act play by Mary E Hanks

"Set in a time of medieval chivalry, the Island of Shalamar sends the audience into a realm of adventure, defiance, and intrigue. This production captivates its viewer and makes them want to take a journey to the island of Shalamar." Shem H.

Rascal Rite for Christmas, a two-act Christmas play by Mary E Hanks

"Rascal Rite for Christmas seems to be the perfect play for a youth group; it has drama, comedy, life in every character, and it brings home a beautiful message to Christmas. This play is great for teaching others to take a stand on what is right, even if it means doing the hard thing and going against the grain; overall, a fun filled and well done play!” Austin P

Trouble Junction, a two-act cowboy play by Mary E Hanks

"Trouble Junction was one of the best shows I've ever had the opportunity of acting in. It was spunky, adventurous, wild, and always had our audiences at the edge of their seats! I've never experienced such joy in any other theatrical production." Elizabeth T

What do you get when you have famous outlaws, a journalist, and ordinary townspeople with quirky names? You end up with 'trouble' in the "Junction". Get ready for some fast talking, fast shootin' and lots of laughing in this Old West Comedy!" Susie P

Aunt Polly's Demise--A Hillbilly Delight! A two-act play by Mary E Hanks

"I acted in high school but was thrilled at the chance to try my skills a couple years later in Aunt Polly's Demise. We had such a good time and learned new skills. Ee-doggy! We had a rootin tootin hoedown! My husband and I were so very blessed when Mary used the production to raise money for our mission trip."  Ellie S

"I am very privileged to have been a part of Aunt Polly's Demise. That is the most fun I have ever had performing." James S

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